Creative Freeware/FOSS List


I made this website because I want to connect people with free programs that they can use to create. I think that everybody should have access to digital tools that allow them to express their creativity, regardless of their ability to pay. Freeware/FOSS are a great alternative to expensive software.

Not all free programs are equally functional. Sometimes programs are made for very specific purposes, or are multi-purpose tools with tons of features. Some programs are easy to use for beginners, and others are behemoths with complex user interfaces that will frustrate and scare off new users. Some of them just suck, or even contain adware or malware.

By creating this site, I hope to alleviate the confusion that can come with choosing which free creative software is right for you. I have personally used each program listed on this site, and only share links to programs that I believe are reputable and safe (That being said, please read my disclaimer!). I have provided a list of pros and cons for each one, as well as links to official tutorials to get you started. When applicable, I also included links to donate and contribute to the developers.

To learn more about freeware/FOSS, visit my Q&A page. My list is far from comprehensive, and skewed toward visual art creation programs, so be sure to check out Wikipedia's list of free and open source software packages.