Creative Freeware/FOSS List


I have done my best to ensure that all of my download links are safe, and that none of these software contain adware or malware. I have personally downloaded and used every software on this list, and I always link to the developers' official websites.

That being said, I cannot guarantee the safety of any of these downloads. The creators of these software may choose to change what is included in their download package at any time. You are responsible for what you choose to download. I encourage you to review each developer's website/privacy policy, and to always use your best judgement before clicking download links!

I want this list to be safe and useful, so please contact me if you find anything fishy in the downloads I have linked.

Words of wisdom: Always download programs directly from the developer's official website.
Ex: If you want to download Audacity, visit (the official Audacity website) rather than some random site. Audacity has a great beginner's guide to online safety when downloading.